University of Lynchburg Athletics Mission Statement

University of Lynchburg places significance on the importance that athletics have on student-athletes rather than serve as an entertainment for spectators.  Thus, athletics at University of Lynchburg seeks to strengthen the integration of goals and objectives with the goals and objectives of the academic area.  Student-athletes are to be fully integrated with other students.  Therefore, the academic success, physical, emotional and social developments are of vital importance.

The athletic program embraces the following seven university mission statements:

1.   To build self-confidence, self-esteem, and respect for others through participation in a community that values each student as an individual.

2.   To understand and enjoy teamwork through participation in a wide variety of activities including sports, drama, musical groups, student organizations and collaborative academic learning activities.

3.   To develop a personal ethic that values service to others and personal achievement through participation in leadership opportunities.

4.   To realize the university president has the ultimate authority over the athletics program.

5.   To support gender and ethnic diversity of all constituents.

6.   To assure that academic performance of student-athletes is consistent or above that of the general student-body.

7.   To support student-athletes in their efforts to reach their highest potential, which may include opportunities for participation in national championships, by providing all teams with adequate coaching, athletic opportunities, and facilities.